Yamaha MGP24X 24Ch Premium Mixer + REV-X+SPX Free Standing Only

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Yamaha MGP24X 24Ch Premium Mixer + REV-X+SPX Free Standing Only


Main Features
  • 24 Line Inputs (16 mono and 4 stereo)
  • 16 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and HPF per Channel
  • Features newly-refined D-PRE mic preamps
  • Delivers a fat, rich, smooth tone
  • Includes Yamaha’s proprietary X-pressive EQ
  • High-resolution effects, iPod/iPhone integration

Yamaha MGP24X 24Ch Premium Mixer + REV-X+SPX Free Standing Only

Drawing from decades of experience crafting innovative, premium analog gear, Yamaha originally developed their new discrete Class-A microphone preamps for professional use in their high-end recording equipment. Utilizing an inverted Darlington circuit design, the newly-refined D-PRE mic preamps deliver a fat, rich, smooth tone that gives the MGP Series a significant advantage over any other mixer in its class. With Yamaha’s proprietary X-pressive EQ they’ve managed to capture ultimate analog authenticity by unlocking the mysterious secret behind the expressive sound shaping capabilities of sought-after classic EQ modules.

At the heart of the MGP’s compact configuration, Yamaha have taken an innovative new approach to the utilization of digital technology in an analog mixer; adding high-resolution effects, iPod/iPhone integration and the superb functionality of the new Stereo Hybrid Channel to the warmth and musicality of premium analog sound. The MGP Series represents the ultimate balance of the converging technologies that are the heart and soul of Yamaha’s extraordinary achievements in professional audio.


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